Monday, February 02, 2009


I've been contemplating starting a food blog; I just like food that much. It helps to have an exuberant audience (have I mentioned lately on my blog how much I love HH?!?), and I was just realizing that I'll probably have to put my crockpot away for most of February because I'll be cooking for one ... and one thing in the crockpot serving one person is a LOT of servings, probably more than I could stand.

But those thoughts led me to have the urge (while eating lunch) to just make a list of things I like to eat/cook with. Because that's fun, and it's kind of my version of "A few of my favorite things."
  1. Thyme. I've made 3 recipes lately that call for thyme, and I just love the subtle flavor it adds to them all. They are: clam chowder, lentil soup and Rachel Ray's "Gonzo Garbanzos."
  2. Bacon. While good by itself, it also adds great flavor to almost anything, including but not limited to the aforementioned clam chowder and lentil soup, as well as chocolate and eggs benedict.
  3. Beans. They're cheap, healthy and filling and fit well with my love affair with my crockpot.
  4. Pork. I have a couple of pork recipes where I just drop a hunk in the crockpot and come back to an amazing meal. Most recently, I made the amazing pork tenderloin, and we had the leftovers as tacos (with green chili salsa and black bean/corn salsa) and BBQ sandwiches.
  5. Oranges. I've been particularly enjoying how it's clementine season. Besides eating them, I've enjoyed chopping them up for crepe filling (with some cream cheese and raspberry jam -- YUM!) and slicing them into a pitcher of water for a little bit of flavor. Oh, and making orange sherbet, which makes a nice slush when mixed with champagne.
  6. Eggs. HH is the egg expert in our family, and it's a special treat when he makes us breakfast on Saturday and/or Sunday morning (he'd do it more frequently, except he's watching his cholesterol and I don't get up early enough for a big breakfast).
  7. Tortilla Chips.
  8. Anything Mexican.
  9. Chipotle powder.
  10. Fleur de sal
  11. Tea. I don't really cook *with* this; I just make myself a cup of tea and enjoy it in the afternoons at the office or in the evening after dinner/before bed. My favorite after-dinner teas are Bigelow French Vanilla tea and Celestial Seasonings' Bengal Spice tea (if you like chai, do try it out -- it's very smooth and yet packs a bit of a punch; excellent with a little honey and half-n-half).
Okay, well, lunch is over and I'm back to work. What a random list, huh? Think I'll make myself a cup of tea :)


Sharon said...

Mmmmm...I'm so glad I read this on a full stomach. My cooking lately has been a lot of frozen meals, which, for a single, frugal person, can provide 2-3 servings. I like anything Marie Callender, Healthy Choice and Friday's for appetizers... will look forward to seeing what this month brings in your cooking and meals ;)

Michelle said...

Hi Molly! I like your list, especially beans and bacon. Andy is trying to think of a new career to start when I get a real job. He likes to cook, so I suggested starting a restaurant called "just add bacon" and obviously there would be bacon in everything. I think that bacon and cheese just make life a little better!!!

I would definitely read a food blog and even try some of your recipes if you posted one. I am just now starting to get on the cooking bandwagon, so I'm always looking for something new!