Saturday, May 09, 2009

We worry because it gives us the illusion of control

Great thoughts the other day from Salem Alliance pastor John Stumbo, who was stricken with a mysterious illness last fall that nearly killed him and is now on a looooong road to recovery. He blogged on Thursday about a colonoscopy/throat scan that he had to have. He admits later to having been quite worried about it and then adds these profound thoughts:
Worry is one of those vices that we know has no value, but some of us resort to it habitually. Why? There must be some reason that we would choose to go to a place that is unhelpful and unhealthy.

As I've reflected on this in recent days, I'm concluding that the reason I accept worry as a legitimate tool is because it gives me a sense of control. There is no truth in it of course--I had no control of the procedure or its findings--unless I bailed out completely. Although inaccurate, this is what worry convinces me of--if I stew over the issue, I haven't lost control. It is somehow in my grasp. Dumb, but powerful.

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