Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Step 1: find some oreos in a cupboard downstairs and throw a couple in a glass.

Step 2: mash the oreos up with a spoon or the back of an ice cream scoop (go ahead and get the scoop out; you'll be using it in a second).
Step 3: add some ice cream to the top of those mashed oreos. Not too much, but just enough to feel indulgent.

Step 4: pull out the irish cream you found while cleaning your fridge. pour a generous shot, then maybe a little extra for good measure.
Step 5: dump that Bailey's over your ice cream. (optional: mash it all up together into your own homemade version of a Dublin Mudslide)

Step 6: kick back and enjoy like a dog in the sun on a hot Saturday
(note: no animals were harmed or fed chocolate or alcohol in the making of this dessert. NO WAY would I share with him -- his tastes aren't refined enough!)


Addie said...

Tasty! Love the pics as illustration.

HH said...

I think this just made my all time favorite post of yours :)