Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Single Ladies, Single Babies

I'm freshly back from the Peacemaker Conference and both basking in God's grace during that conference and desperately rubbing my eyes in an effort to wake up and catch up to the fact that it's almost October. Maybe tomorrow... in the meantime, here are two great "versions" of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" that I've recently come across:


Addie said...

I LOVE the first one, and I do the same as that baby when I see the video. I just can't help myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Molly:

I'm really keen to ask you about the blog post you left over at CCEF's website on your classes, and particularly about Powlison's informal commentary on the Come Thou Fount Song...

Could you please flick me an email on darylbay@gmail.com if you have a moment?