Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blogging for Lent

I say this with a bit of fear and trepidation... I've decided to attempt to blog every day for Lent.

Yeah, I know Lent's about giving things up, but we're a bit non-traditional: we had nachos for dinner at a pub, and then I rounded it out with a fried egg when I got hungry during men's figure skating.

Our church doesn't really follow the liturgical calendar anyway, so I wouldn't even know Lent was beginning if I didn't have a lot of Polish-Catholic friends on Facebook today lamenting the fact that they couldn't get any Paczki once they left the motherland (aka Michigan).

Anyway, I decided that I would endeavor to blog every day between now and Easter as a bit of a discipline -- I've been disappointed in myself for my infrequent blogging, I've felt an increasingly acute need to develop a hobby (besides cooking) to occupy myself while HH is working on his film, and it will give me the chance to articulate some of those "I should blog about this" thoughts that I regularly have. An added bonus is that as Easter weekend approaches, the blogging will give me a chance to direct my mind toward the significance of the resurrection in a way that the busyness of life generally helps me gloss over.

So, here's to a hopefully-consistent season of blogging. I begin with a great quote from Ray Ortlund the other day:

My dad used to say to me, when I was a kid, “Listen, son. Half-hearted Christians are the most miserable people of all. They know enough to feel guilty, but they haven’t gone far enough with Christ to be happy. Be wholehearted for him!”

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