Monday, March 22, 2010


I want to see this ... I haven't even seen all of "Planet Earth" (though I'm pretty sure my parents have it ... hopefully in BluRay), but this follow-up series looks similarly remarkable:


Addie said...

We watched one episode at a friend's in HD, then the other at our house. Rob's now wanting the HD upgrade for cable, and I can see why. SO cool!

Greg said...

It does look incredible, though I'm sure Oprah's thrilling commentary will take it over the top!


Molly said...

Wait, Greg, Oprah's narrating it? Hmmm... nobody said anything about that. *closing my eyes and imagining it*... I think I could handle one or two episodes of her voice, but 11?!?

Molly said...

oh, and Addie, you don't have to upgrade your cable just for this one show ... just wait till it's out on Netflix :)