Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Meals...Something to Think About

Professor Phillip Zimbardo:

"They did this study 20 years ago... only 60% of Americans said they had regular sit-down family dinners. When we re-did the study last year, only one in five [20%] American families had sit-down dinners together. In America, we talk about family values. You can't have family values if you don't have family meals together."


HH said...

Well, I CAN it just means that eating meals isn't one of them! I prefer sit-down, family meals. But the occasional pizza in front of a movie is fantastic.

Molly said...

Perhaps having meals together aren't the *cause* but are rather an indicator of deeper family values. If you don't care about the family enough to get them together for regular meals together (where valuable sharing of life takes place), when will you show the concern and take the time to make that happen?