Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Evening Thoughts While Eating Dinner and Watching the Sunset

What a gorgeous evening to eat dinner on the back patio and watch a brilliantly orange and pink sunset light up the entire western sky!

As we were eating, I got to thinking...
  • We'll eat in heaven, right? Wedding feast of the lamb and all? I can't wait to be a foodie in heaven!
  • Will our taste buds be sanctified in heaven? Does that mean I'll like things that I currently can't stomach (like bananas)? Or is individual human taste part of the glorious diversity of creation?
  • Will we eat meat in heaven? Or will heaven be vegetarian? (Is eating meat part of the fall?)
  • Will we poop in heaven? Will it stink? (sorry guys, but that's where my mind goes.) What about flatulence? I think flatulence is a product of the fall, because something in your digestive system isn't working quite right.
  • What will mosquitoes eat? (This is a perpetual question of mine, but I just got CHEWED UP by mosquitoes on an attempted walk this evening. We called it off after a couple hundred yards because of the lack of bug spray, but by the time we got back to the car, I had at least 30 bites on my shoulders and neck. YUCK!)
  • Will food be fattening in heaven? I'm assuming it will be all organic and we won't have to worry about using preservatives and artificial colors to make it last longer and look pretty.
I dunno guys ... I guess I'm kind of hoping I get to be a foodie in heaven!


Addie said...

Oh yes, we'll eat. No idea about the sanctified taste buds, but I imagine if one part of my is sanctified, it's ALL sanctified, baby!
I also think we'll eat meat, but I do not believe it will come from dead animals. It is Heaven and GOD CAN MAKE IT SO.
Pooping... I want to say no, but it's certainly not necessarily unpleasant... but at least it won't stink. That is my new belief. Also, no toots. BLECH. I have had enough for one lifetime, thankyouverymuch.
Mosquitoes will be vegetarian since I won't have to be. Or they just won't be there. Product of the fall.
Fattening food: nope. Also, we'll eat just the right amounts of things so the sin of overindulgence goes away. But until then, I will have another scoop of ice cream please.

Molly said...

I am so glad you have this all figured out!

By the way, yesterday Randy Alcorn posted on his blog that he wouldn't be at all surprised if people are building starships (a la Star Trek) in heaven, and he will be putting his name in to fly one. So apparently I'm not the only one with these sorts of questions.