Thursday, May 26, 2011

Culinary Notes to Self

This post really is mostly a note-to-self; I have more tabs open than can fit on one screen, so in the interest of streamlining my browsing experience, I'm going to record them here.

Of course, if you take an interest in any of these, I won't stop you. I've noted them for good reason!

Beer BBQ sauce recipe: I made this with Kona beer in an effort to replicate a sandwich I had at the Kona Brewing Company: Kahlua pork, Kona BBQ sauce, melted cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos. Como se dice 'delicioso' en Hawaiian?

Raspberry Lemonade Marshmallows. I made these with strawberry instead of raspberry since the dear hubby doesn't like raspberry. I liked 'em. What if I were to make ice cream and add chunks of them to it? That would be fun. All sorts of fun things I could do with these besides just eat 'em.

Soaking grains. Something I've been wanting to try for the health benefits but don't know enough to try it yet. I need to just go ahead and buy the book Nourishing Traditions. Another link, and another, that might be helpful (both on sourdough, the distinctly American way of soaking grains).

Chocolate caflouti. I made these the other night after making a blackened salmon that was delicious but made the whole house smell extremely fishy (note to self: do blackened salmon outside in the future. Oh, and never buy cajun seasoning; you can get a million DIY recipes online using just what's already in your spice cabinet). Back to the caflouti: it's kind of like a non-pretentious souffle (except don't expect it to stay puffed up). It's a very easy, but impressive recipe. I made a half-recipe for the two of us and split it between two ramekins (I'm not sure how she gets all that batter to stay in one ramekin; mine was overflowing as it was). The only thing I'd change in the future is that I'd push the chocolate pieces down into the batter so they got more ooozy; they stayed on the top and got a little crunchy.

Kefir soda pop. I'm interested to try this, as it seems like a healthy way to make a refreshing, summery beverages that's actually good for you!

Finally, Pakistani beef curry. I made this with elk a while ago and it was really tasty. I don't know how authentic it was, but it seems more authentic than some. And since we liked the flavor (and you can't beat just throwing it all in the crockpot!), it's a keeper!

Alright, now my tabs are down to information on making outdoor mosaic tables (our glass table blew over and broke last year), a safe that HH is looking at on Amazon, a blog post that I started last Saturday and will probably never finish, a note I'm typing in Facebook, my google reader, an MP3 I might buy on Amazon today once I listen all the way through the samples, and this window. Because you wanted to know :)

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Melodee said...

I agree about making your own cajun spice. I've never done it, but I've been wanting to make this cajun beef pizza that Tara invented when we lived in Scotland. It was amazing with the seasoning we bought there, but when I made it with some cajun seasoning I bought here, it was nearly too salty to eat. So next time I'll make my own seasoning.

Also, you could talk to Tara about mosaic table tops - she's a mosaic artist. :)