Tuesday, November 08, 2011

11 Months

11 months old and already a little Jedi. We are predictably proud.

In all seriousness, being his parents is amazing. We love him more than we thought was possible. He is endlessly interesting and entertaining. His smile lights up a room. He popped eight teeth in the last month with nary a complaint (until the last few days). He loves to crawl around the room with matching things in his hands (e.g. a pair of shoes - one shoe in each hand). He can tell you what an elephant says, he growls all the time, he loves Baby Einstein and his real life dogs, and he gives high fives. He loves marinated mozarella cheese balls, chicken, oatmeal and bananas.

He's sleeping right now, but I can't wait for him to wake up in the morning so I can start another day of being his momma.


Addie said...

Fantastic. He certainly seemed quite a charmer in the brief time I got to be around him most recently... Who made the fantastic robe? (which I keep inadvertently typing "Rob"!)

Molly said...

Grandma Kitty made it - it's actually a really nice sweater, but with the oversized hood I couldn't help but notice the Jedi-resemblance.