Friday, November 04, 2011

Tito Feeds the Doggies

I love this; HH and I watch it over and over and can't help but laugh along with our little boy.

I love it for several reasons. First, there's just something contagious about a baby's laugh. So pure, so unapologetic, not performing for anyone. Also, I love that Titus loves our dogs so much. I normally don't let him feed them from the high chair, and so it took them a while to warm up to the idea of eating fistfuls of cheerios from him, but as you can tell, it didn't take that long.

I also love this because it shows a little boy whose heart is learning joy. Even though he will have untold struggles ahead of him -- struggles from living in a fallen world and struggles from being a fallen person -- right now, he is learning joy. And I love it because not every baby in the world has the opportunity to be safe and healthy and just delight in things. We can't take much credit for this -- we do what we can, but really, it's a blessing to us, a gift to be stewarded, that we and Titus were born in a time and place where he has a stable family, lots of the cuddles that have proven to be important for a baby's emotional and physical development, and that he has enough food not only for his own belly, but also for his dogs' bellies.

May we be good stewards, and may God give us the wisdom to raise a boy who not only has a joyful heart, but who also has a grateful one.


Addie said...

That IS an awfully contagious laugh. Rob wasn't watching, but we keep meeting eyes and smiling. You have a pretty cute kid there.

Julie said...

Love this Molly! Kids that age haven't learned to be fake. If it's funny, they laugh. And they mean it. Nothing more refreshing than something like that!