Friday, November 23, 2012

Amazing Hot Chocolate: "Pinterest Was Right"

"Mrs. Friesen, this hot chocolate is incredible" ... words uttered out of the darkness of a church youth group movie night by one of our high school boys.

I must agree, if I do say so myself; and the husband agreed as well.

Really, how can you go wrong with heavy cream, chocolate chips, vanilla and sweetened condensed milk? Still, just because the recipe was so widely touted on Pinterest ("Best hot chocolate EVER," "Polar Express Hot Chocolate... make this Christmas eve!" and the like), and I'd just had a mildly disappointing Pinterest-related biscuit experience, I was a little skeptical.

I will make this again for special occasions and for crowds. It is a treat. Pinterest, if you were a person, I'd owe you an apology for assuming the worst about you.

Crockpot Hot Chocolate (or, if you must, "AMAZING Crockpot Hot Chocolate")

1 can sweetened condensed milk (or, if you don't have SCM on hand like me, you can use 1 can evaporated milk and 1 1/4 cups sugar)
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups chocolate chips (the recipe called for milk chocolate, but I used semi-sweet, as that's what Costco sells in the big bags)
1 1/2 cups heavy cream
6 cups milk

Combine ingredients in crockpot and let simmer on low for 2 hours, whisking occasionally to incorporate the chocolate chips.

I doubled this recipe and it just barely fit in my crockpot. And there was just enough left at the end of the night for me to enjoy a few sips while telling you all about it.

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Melodee said...

Sounds deliciously indulgent. :) Maybe with a dash of Bailey's for the adults...

There are a lot of bad recipes on Pinterest, but I have had several successes and I think I'm becoming better at spotting which ones will be good and which ones won't. Hopefully. :)