Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trust Me

This evening when we left the house, I told Titus that he could push the garage door opener button. Since it's in the teens outside, I didn't want to open the garage and let in the blast of cold air until we were all buckled in our seats and ready to back out of the garage.

Tito thought I was going back on my promise to let him open the door. The only garage door button that he could think of was the one on the wall, and since he was in his car seat, there was no way he was going to be able to push the button.

Copious amounts of whimpering, whining and even tears ensued.

Trust me, little one. There is another button that you don't know about. I am actually going to give you something good, and even the very thing you want, just not in the time or the way that you expect it.

Re-read those last two paragraphs, except that's how we usually respond to God when we don't see the big picture, and it's his patient response to us.

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Unknown said...


I think this is nearly all God is saying to me "Trust Me."