Friday, November 08, 2013

All the Secrets of the Universe... two hours of parenting.

(Okay, maybe this title is a little bit of an exaggeration, but at least I didn't call it -- as I was tempted to -- "All the Secrets of the Universe and of the Bible.")

Tito, I love you, that is why:
... Sometimes I let you play games on my phone, and sometimes I make you turn it off.

... Sometimes I let you enjoy sweet treats, and sometimes I ask you to enjoy eating your vegetables.

... Sometimes I let you have a special treat by staying up late, and sometimes I put you to bed early.

... We enjoy bath time together, but part of bath time is washing your hair.

... Sometimes I send you to your room (or more) for disobeying, and sometimes I just hold you close and give you a hug.

... Sometimes I carefully explain things to you, and sometimes I just ask you to trust me and to obey even when you don't understand.
Sometimes your life is fun and easy and sometimes it is feels hard and burdensome and sometimes you like me a lot and sometimes you wonder if I love you. But the truth is, I always love you, and I do what I do (in my finite capacity) all out of love for you.

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Molly said...

I keep thinking of addenda, all of which have variations on the same basic spiritual analogy:

- Sometimes I rush to you when you fall, and sometimes I let you figure out how to comfort yourself.
- Sometimes I intervene in an argument with your sister or a friend, and sometimes I let you try to work it out.