Friday, March 20, 2015


Life is full of strange juxtapositions.

You finish reading a moving account of a godly woman's final days on earth, and then you click over to Facebook where people are proclaiming "TGIF" and broadcasting fun plans for their weekend.

In a sense, it's Friday for Kara Tippetts, too, and many others like her. TGIF signals the end of a long journey, one marked with all kinds of thorns from the curse. Whether it's the challenges of work or the challenges of parenting or sin or sickness or -- most often -- any combination of these, Monday through Friday reminds us that "this life is but a constant death."

On Friday, the week is almost over. We are but a few breaths from getting some rest and having some fun. In truth, Friday might be the hardest day of the week. Death is never pretty. The worst day in the history of the world was a Friday that we will celebrate in just a few weeks.

And celebrate we will. With somber hearts but with eyes fixed on the weekend. A celebration of Sunday, of Son-Day, that will someday never be marred by another Monday.

Thank God it's Friday, because that means we're this much closer to Sunday.

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