Monday, November 09, 2015

When You Need It Most

It is one thing to talk boldly about the Gospel when you have a comfortable perch and feel like you are doing pretty well on your own.

It is another thing when you feel the acute sting of failure, and the spectre of self-loathing stalks your every move. It is so hard to preach the Gospel to yourself when you want to have done better, you don't want to believe that you're actually that weak and needy.

This is when it is the hardest, but this is when you need it most.

[If we're going to split hairs, you actually need the Good News that Christ died for your sins -- the Gospel -- all the time, so thank God that he gives you melt downs so you recognize your need. But let's not split hairs right now, okay? Let's just thank God for grace, grace, grace, when we know we need it and even when we don't.]

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