Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Up-to-the-New Year Resolutions

I took Facebook off of my phone the day after the election, and I feel like I've regained so much of my life that I'm inspired to make a whole list of resolutions that are wildly unambitious but inspiring nonetheless.

So, between now and the New Year, I resolve to:

1) Update this blog. (Maybe more ambitious than I realize, given the fact that the last time I tried to update was at the last New Year, and it literally broke my computer. That can be a blog post for another day.)

2) Make holiday-scented playdough. Mint, cinnamon, or both.

3) Drink a lot of mulled wine.

4) Resume the 7-minute workout at least twice a week. Like I said, wildly unambitious. I was actually doing really well at it right up until I got pregnant with Elese. She's almost 2 and now that I have a huge yard, I don't even take my kids out for walks.

5) Read a book to Elese when I want to strangle her. (I hope CPS isn't reading this; if you are, I promise, I'll never do that. But if you knew her, you might understand the impulse.)

6) Put away Elese's clean clothes.

7) Write to a friend.

8) Unpack the junk drawer box that's in the corner of my dining area. If not unpacked by 12/31/16, I shall throw it in the garbage in its entirety.

9) Let my kids stay up too late for something fun and Christmas-y.

10) Give something that brings joy to someone who doesn't expect it.