Saturday, July 15, 2017

This One Goes Out to all those Mommy Blog Posts Telling Moms To Put On Their Swimming Suits and to Play in the Water With Their Kids

I just updated my Facebook profile picture. This is it:

As we all know, sometimes the Internet is great, and sometimes, as Abraham Lincoln famously reminded us, we can't believe everything we read on the Internet. Like, for example, the wasp sting on my ankle that is currently swollen to twice my ankle's normal size; the Internet "help" has been less than successful so far. See, also: parenting advice.

Yesterday, though, I heeded Mother Internet's reminders to worry less about myself and live a little for and with my kids. You see, I've never been a water sports person. I'm pretty sure the last time I tried water skiing, I got such a bad wedgie I actually could feel it in my throat. No success, and no fun. I don't like putting my face in the water, and when I would occasionally jump into a pool, I would do so with my nose plugged.

I'm trying hard not to pass this down to my kids. I actually bribed my two big kids on Thursday with ice cream to put their faces in the water. I had to reinforce the lesson. So on Friday, I got in the water. I was, quite frankly, terrified of what it would feel like when I took that inevitable first fall. I didn't love it, but it was okay. And each successive fall was a little less bad. And look at me! I'm surfing, and I'm having boatloads (har har) of fun!

I got in the water to show my kids that getting your face wet (literally and metaphorically) is a little risk that can yield great rewards. I guess I needed the lesson as much as they did.

(By the way, my kids got to get out of the boat, too. Lili declared it the "best day ever.")

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