Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Peacemakers and Koreans

My future place of employment just hosted 15 Korean American pastors in Billings, in order to give them introductory training to biblical principles of conflict resolution. In the future, they are hoping to walk with the pastors as they contextualize these biblical principles into their own culture.

This is exciting for me a) because it is a ministry I am increasingly passionate about, and my department, no less, b) because I've developed a love and a burden for the Korean American community since coming to WTS, and c) because the fact that there were 15 Korean men in Billings probably doubled the Asian population of our city for that time!

Read more about it here!


Pilgrim in Progress said...

Molly - combining this post (where you talk about growing passion) with your previous post (where you reflect on being an ambassador for Christ), it'd be nice to hear you share your thoughts on how you sense God guiding and leading you in terms of "calling" - where do you seem him taking you, and what do you hope to "do with your life."

I'm not looking for any particular answer here - I'm just interested in how you sense God giving you a sense of vision, purpose, etc. And I also don't want to minimize the importance of "being" as opposed to "doing" (per previous conversation), but at the same time, such being always results in doing (ie. God's calling always encompasses both).

So it'd be nice to hear you write about these things... :-)

Molly said...

Maybe some day, Christian. But I don't feel particularly "called" to blog that right now. :) Besides, I kind of feel like you know what I'd say anyway ... and what you'd want me to say!

I will say, though, that what I had in mind on being an ambassador for Christ was more in terms of a day-to-day calling. I think it's easier for us to view our vocation as a way for us to be ambassadors. It's harder to remember that every word I speak says something - for good or for ill - about my relationship with Christ.