Monday, May 16, 2005

Just because.

Well, I survived another final. The prof walked into class and announced that it was the easiest final ever. I wouldn't quite say that; but I will say that it could have been a lot harder.

And that huge stack of papers in the previous picture? Now it's down to about 100 pages that I don't have to know until Wednesday. Life is good!

One of the highlights of walking out of that exam was that a classmate of mine - who started with me and has done his M.Div in 3 years as well, but who has done it in his second language, while having his wife and daughter here - was walking around giving people hugs, almost indiscriminately! You could just tell that here was a man with a huge burden off of his shoulders (it was his last final). It's a privilege knowing him, and many other godly and amazing people that I've met here.

Reading that blessed me this morning whilst I was cramming:
“The magnitude of the love, grace, and mercy revealed in the gospel, the glory of Christ’s person and the perfection of his work both finished and continued, the sufficiency of Christ for all our needs, and the blessedness that accrues from believing response, all combine to make rejection an iniquity of incomparable gravity. Christ offers himself in the glory of his person, the fullness of his grace, in the perfection of his finished work, and in the efficacy of his heavenly ministry. So the glory demands the response of total commitment to him.”

-- John Murray, Collected Writings, vol 2, 256-6


Molly said...

I was just at my 'bookshelf' blog and realized that I posted this quote there when I first read the book. At least I'm consistent, but that doesn't say much for my reading retention!

Anonymous said...

I'm using this quote for my sermon this Sunday.