Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Top Five Books I Hope to Read This Summer

(Can you tell that I'm on a "Top Five" kick? I wish I could write my Poets' paper in "Top Five" format. Picture it: "Top Five Reasons We Should Read the Song of Songs as both love poetry and a type of Christ" .... maybe tomorrow)

1. Redemptive History and Biblical Interpretation, by Geerhardus Vos
2. Eternal Word, Changing Worlds, by Harvey Conn
3. A Distant Grief, by Kefa Sempangi (the whole thing, not just excerpts)
4. Knowing God, by J.I. Packer
5. Girl Meets God, by Lauren Winner

This will probably change within a week; but these are still books that are on my 'to read' list.


Anonymous said...

I just purchased a used paperback of Girl Meets God. I'll loan it to you this summer.

Molly said...

Thanks, Rich!

Anonymous said...

I really do wish that Conn's 'Eternal Word and Changing Worlds' had to be read by everyone coming through here; especially the M.Div's and anyone doing a T.h.M. or M.A.R. in Systematic Theology or Apologetics. I hope you get to read it and 'chew on it' thoroughly. The first three chapters can seem very tedious but are worth plodding through (I actually really enjoyed them). If you have time, and I get around to returning it =), you should listen to his tape in the library on the Bible and 'determining' one's vocation. Anyway, sorry, I get excited when I see Conn's name.