Tuesday, July 05, 2005

In the News.

One of the privileges of taking a summer off is that I have time to read the newspaper thoroughly while I drink my "morning" coffee (a latte made on the esperesso machine I'm just learning how to operate!).

Here are some of the items that I found interesting, and my response to them:
  • Regarding the United Church of Christ's decision to back homosexual marriages, Rev. Brett Becker said, "This is truly Independence Day for the UCC — we have declared ourselves independent from the teachings of Jesus and the clear teachings of Scripture." His comment (meant sarcastically -- he opposed the resolution) reminds me of Psalm 2... the 'kings of the earth' have gathered together in a desire to cast off the sovereign dominion of the Living God.
  • Regarding the 22 year old airman who is home on leave from Afghanistan, his dad says, "He gets hugged all the time. He just knows if I get within a five- or six-foot radius he's gonna get a hug." How sweet!
  • "Dear Abby: You were wrong, wrong, wrong to tell an atheist to say "amen" at the end of grace at dinner." I have to admit, I felt mildly sacriligious when I bowed my head for the "prayer" at the beginning of my brother's gradution. It was to some nebulous "spirit" and talked about how much those graduates had done for themselves. Why even bother? On a tangentially-related train of thought, I can't help but continue to puzzle at the way that even a-theists have to define themselves in relationship to God. Actually, I don't puzzle; I smile and think of Romans 1. People who live in God's world can't help but define themselves in relationship to God, whether they are in agreement or opposition.
Finally, a cute/cool picture from the Billings Gazette. And, for those concerned for little Justin's well-being, the Gazette reported that he got back on the horse and finished his barrel race.

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