Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lyrics I Like

These lyrics are from the now-defunct group Harrod & Funck. If you like acoustic music (a la Simon & Garfunkel), you should like these guys. Anyway, a random sampling of some of their lyrics that I find catchy/thoughtful/descriptive/whatever.

"The world's a wonderful place / If you don't mind laughing at your mistakes, / If you don't mind feeling like you've lost your brakes, / And if you don't mind a touch of hell every now and then." ("Come Clean")

"Now I'm yearning disabled / I'm longing for nothing I'm certain of." ("Come Clean")

"I wish I was a model waif, / I wouldn't worry about my weight. / I'd look at you with my sultry eyes. / I wouldn't worry about the size of my thighs." ("Model Waif" - this whole song is v. funny)

"Hey, we were talking about you last night, / And how you are wonderful weird. / Are you in pain or are you all right? / I guess we're okay out here. / In my mind's eye, you are singing a beautiful tune, / Curled up with a smile in the corner of Brian Wilson's room." ("Brian Wilson's Room")

"Tidewater / I can feel the ocean pulling inward, I'm sinking on sand. / It makes me think about Peter / Sinking like a stone, and not believing he grabs for your hand." ("Your Voice at Tidewater")

ps - I bought my CD's from If you want a sampler of 2 MP3's, search there for 'Harrod' (although I just went there and they are only selling one of the CD's now -- I guess they're running out and not making any more!)

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Pilgrim in Progress said...

I went to Wheaton College with these guys - knew who they were, but didn't know them personally. Have listened to a bit of their music and like it a lot (can I borrow your CDs on our road trip?)...