Thursday, July 21, 2005

All About Me

Here are a few things that drive me crazy:

  • I drove by a white Suburban today. Inside was a blonde woman on a cell phone. Her license plate read: "L BOUT ME"
    (Should someone tell her it's not?)
  • I am offended when people wear shirts like this. WHO in their right mind would actually wear one of these? I think it's a sad sign of our culture that people are actually advertising the fact that they are self-centered and egotistical. Yet they are everywhere.
  • Finally, I saw an "apology" greeting card today that read, "Sorry for you know what. From you know who." I don't think that exactly comports with the apology of a true peacemaker.


Andrea said...

While wandering around Shopko the other day, I noticed some pretty pastel pillows for a little girl's room. I was drawn to them because they were really cute and they were made of that cool squishy stuff, which I never can resist squeezing. Although, I was sorely disappointed when I read what was embroidered on them. Some examples were "It's all about me", "Buy be stuff!", and "Boys drool". Do people really buy this stuff for their little girls??

Molly said...

It seems as though there is (sadly) quite a market for products like that!