Friday, July 01, 2005


Well, a smattering of miscellaneous things:
  • I'm adding two women's blogs to my listing: Intellectuale and Got Me a College Girl.
  • Miss O'Hara had this link to the Detroit fireworks' grand finale -- it's impressive, but it still doesn't make me prefer living in the Motor City (which I did for a summer while working in a bank's "Asset-based finance" group, before I'd found my love for theology... or which "drove" me into theology by running away from banking!)
  • Did I miss something, or are journalists no longer "ordinary citizens"? Apparently news magazines, which (in my humble opinion) have a tendency to wreak havoc with false, or at least very biased, "news," consider themselves above the law, even when their sources involve breaking the law! ("I found myself really coming to the conclusion," Mr. Pearlstine said, "that once the Supreme Court has spoken in a case involving national security and a grand jury, we are not above the law and we have to behave the way ordinary citizens do." - from the NY Times)
  • I started reading the new book Peacemaking Women by Tara Barthel and Judy Dabler. I had the privilege to read it once before publication, but now I'm reading it with a group of women in what promises to be an encouraging Friday morning group.
  • That group - along with other ideas and relationships - is partially what prompted this post at See Life Differently.
  • My brother is flying into town for the weekend, so I'm praying that we'll have a wonderful time with him -- and we're going back up to the cabin for a few days!
  • AND, Happy 33rd Anniversary to my parents (tomorrow)! What a blessing it is to be the daughter of godly parents who strive to witness to God's grace in their daily lives together!

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