Thursday, July 14, 2005


Ahhhh... I spent another 3 days at the cabin early this week. I don't know if there's anywhere else in the world besides the Big Sky Country where you can go for two days and hardly see a cloud in the sky. And what a better place to enjoy that type of scenery than from the top of a mountain! The lack of posting is because our cabin is so remote that we have neither electricity nor cell phone service. It's like the good old days!

While we were there, we (& a group of hard-working and fun friends) built a very nice log fence nearly straight up a hill, and it will hopefully keep the cows out and let the deer and elk in. We also got to see two bears on our drive out, which was much more fun than the previous bear sighting (since I was in the car).

Below are some pictures from our drive down Highway 89. This highway goes through the Shields River Valley (named for the blacksmith in the Lewis & Clark Expedition). For most of the drive, the Bridger Mountains are on our right, the Crazies are on our left and the Absarokee Mountains are straight ahead of us. It's pretty spectacular. Yes, this is a shameless commercial for my friends to come visit me. Pleeeeeaaaaase!

The Bears (on the skyline -- we watched them work their way up half of this hill):

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