Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Well, I should be going to bed instead of attending to my much-neglected blog. But wee little Migo has been in his crate all evening, so I'm giving him a few moments of freedom before I box him up for the night (a delightful difference between puppies and babies is that you don't get in trouble when you put a puppy in a box and leave it there for a few hours!).

Instead of going on and on and on about how adorable my puppy is, and how funny his antics are - especially when he plays with Bailey and when he stalks/pounces upon a stuffed animal, or plays tug-of-war, or ... -- oops, there I go. Anyway, instead of doing that, I merely intend to note in what short order Migo has become a proficient beggar.

The first two days I had him, I didn't carry any treats around with me. So he was content to bask in my praise whenever he came to me or went potty outside.

But oh no, not anymore, now that he's discovered the joy of Charlee Bear Cheese & Egg Treats. These marketers are not lying when they say that "dogs love the taste." Our other three dogs will do nearly anything for a CharleeBearCheeseAndEggTreat (to be spoken as though you are an 8 lb dog flinging yourself on the ground and bouncing back and forth through a hoop in the hopes of a little orange tidbit).

But I digress. So Migo doesn't do anything anymore without expecting a treat for it. And this evening when I brought a sandwich down to the living room, he was the utmost of beggars, trying to jump in my face to ask for a bite and getting very frustrated that he can't jump on the couch yet.

And so when we sang on Sunday morning a song that alludes to Matthew 15:27 and the Canaanite woman's plea to Jesus, "Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters' table," I couldn't help but think of the four furry beggars who live with us. "Let the crumbs of mercy fall from your table to me, Lord!"

When I think about God's grace falling upon me (though lavishly, and not as though it were table scraps), I don't want to be complacent. I want to be as eager as my dogs to eat up every drop.

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