Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Please pray for our friends Bob & Wanda. They are dear friends whom we've come to know through our missions to Guatemala - they were the missionaries who hosted us there, and they served the Lord faithfully there for 25 years. I lived with them for two summers when I was in college, and they were also some of the special people who helped me celebrate my graduation earlier this summer.

We just found out that their son was killed in a car accident last night. We don't know many more details, but please pray that the Lord would grant them comfort and peace.

My mom came out into the yard to tell me this news while I was watching 51-day-old Migo frolic in the grass, emanating joy in discovering life for the first time. What a contrast. It made me start thinking about what a fragile thing life is. On the one hand, we can push the human body to incredible extremes, like a marathon runner or an arctic explorer. Most of the time, we don't even pause to think that a Mighty Hand is keeping all of our cells in place, keeping our hearts beating and giving us this thing called "life," however impossible it is for us to explain what "life" consists of. But on the other hand, how helpless and fragile the body turns out to be in the end. "Life" departs, leaving a broken shell as a tangible reminder of what was once a vibrant existence.

So ... we appreciate life, revel in the moments God grants us on earth. More than that, we revel in the true Life that he has given us through him who came to earth as the Light of men. And God grant that we seek with all our hearts to share that Life with those who do not know the Way, the Truth and the Life.

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