Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I feel like a bit of a walking advertisement today, with what I plan to post and all.

I'm wearing a sweater with a logo on it. I think everybody should own a black lab. You should watch the movie Promises. Even if it's biased (like several reviewers on Amazon said), it's still an extremely well-done documentary, and I enjoyed it very much. And, if you don't own the book Valley of Vision, you should get that too.

I read a prayer out of VV this morning and a phrase that hit me (I'll have to paraphrase because I don't have it in front of me). "Lord, dig out the weeds of my life at the very root."

Maybe when I have time, I'll post what it actually said. But for now, you get the point. Or you can just go buy the book yourself :)

Update, more ads:

mmmm... Not only is the Jollyblogger's post excellent on its own terms, it certainly makes me miss being educated in Philadelphia (ps - "hi!" to all my friends back there who seem to be getting into blog reading again!


goodnight moon said...

Amen to all 3, except I would prefer a big white Great Pyrenees. Missing you this year!

Molly said...

In case anybody noticed that I forgot to include the link to the Jollyblogger's post, it's there now!