Thursday, September 15, 2005

Labor Day Pics

There was a big storm rolling across the Absarokees (above) and the southern end of the Crazies when we rode up to the top of the mountain.
Migo LOVES sticks.

Migo's first time in the water; he's a good swimmer, but he didn't love it so much that we couldn't get him out of it.
"Mom, I'm cold." Bailey: "That's 'cause you went in the water. Look at me: I'm warm and dry."
So sweet!
"No if's, and's, or ...."
Doesn't he already have a sort of "old man" look?
He's now a whopping 27 lbs of pure love!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Molly! As our pup began to take on the look of an adult we nicknamed his Little Big Dog...and it's stuck with him to this day. We'll have to share our pictures with you in the not to distant future :D
Bill and Sunny