Monday, September 12, 2005

Comics Strip dedications

My three comics for the day:

* I dedicate Dilbert to Christian, who doesn't need goons to make him the best security advisor I could have for my computer.
* I dedicate Get Fuzzy to the Murrays, whose sons have kept our church entertained for years with their act (apologies if you don't read Get Fuzzy regularly and it doesn't make sense to you).
* Finally, I dedicate yesterday's Pearls Before Swine to myself! I know, I know, I KNOW that somebody, somewhere will be offended by this comic strip. In that case, I plead innocence: I didn't write it, and you're too sensitive. (Spoiler warning: read the strip before you read on.) Nonetheless, after 3 years in a school with a majority male population, I have to say that Stephen Pastis knows what he's talking about (though I would add "married men" to Rat's punchline). In all seriousness, I am deeply grateful for the men and women with whom I developed close friendships in seminary. To that end, then, I also dedicate this comic strip to my male friends who really didn't have ulterior motives (or at least didn't let on to them if they were there) and to my female friends who identify with the sentiments of this strip (you know who you are!).


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Anonymous said...

i'll take the pearls before swine as well. after i finish writing the church hopper's guide to the philadelphia area, we should co-author a book on the interaction between the male and female species at wts. we could even have them hand it out at the beginning along with the theological life of students booklet thingy!

it feels wrong to walk into your ex-room and not to find you there.