Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Shifting our Gaze

The following is from Max Lucado's book Just Like Jesus:
Oh, I could never [wash my enemy's feet, like Jesus], you object. The hurt is so deep. The wounds are so numerous. Just seeing the person causes me to cringe. Perhaps that is your problem. Perhaps you are seeing the wrong person or at least too much of the wrong person. Remember, the secret of being just like Jesus is 'fixing our eyes' on him. Try shifting your glance away from the one who hurt you and setting your eyes on the one who has saved you.
When I found this in my work mailbox this morning, this paragraph reminded me of a conversation that I had during some conflict coaching last week. This woman's wounds were deep and longstanding, and she had eventually hardened her heart toward her "enemy." Oh, that she will once again shift her gaze away from the one who has hurt her toward the one who has saved her!

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