Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Sinner's Place

Last week, I heard a colleague read a brief article called "The Sinner's Place," by Stanley Voke. I don't know where it comes from, but I found it elsewhere on the internet, so I'm re-posting it.

Here's an excerpt, particularly appropriate for Maundy Thursday:

The hardest thing for anyone is to take the sinner’s place. So hard in fact that many never take it at all, while others, having once been brought there, do not care to come there again. None are by nature fond of the sinner’s place. Yet if we do not come there, we cannot really know Christ or taste the sweetness of God’s forgiving grace. If we avoid it, we might as well say "we have no sin" and so deceive ourselves.


Is it not strange that the place we sinners avoid is the very one the sinless Savior took? Surely if He were the Son of God He would have come down from the Cross! Miracles, mighty sermons, even resurrection itself we could expect of such a One, but not a baptism in Jordan with publicans and harlots, or a criminal execution with
murderers and thieves! Yet this is where He came, for His face was set
towards this place from all eternity.

Click here to read the whole article.

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