Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Chance to Speak Up for Life!

This morning, I received an email with the subject "URGENT PLEASE HELP US" from one of my international colleagues at work. The email stated that Amnesty International will consider adding abortion to its list of international "human rights" at its meeting this weekend. I googled similar reports here , here, and here.

As one Chilean priest said, "By proposing a pro-abortion initiative AI is abandoning its own noble ethical principles, thereby shaking the very foundations on which it is built; for the simple reason that unborn life in a mother’swomb is the very weakest of all threatened and persecuted human beings...Thus the day this initiative was launched will become a day of mourning for all those who are unconditionally committed to true humanism."

I'm not generally a really proactive person on fronts like this, but if you'd like to do what I did and send an email to AI to urge them against this initiative, you can do so by clicking here. Here's the sample email that I was given:

Amnesty International
Dear Sirs/Medames

Re: Your proposed change of policy on abortion

For many years I have been aware of and have supported Amnesty International's work defending human rights worldwide. AI enjoys the support of many people who, like me, identify with Amnesty's core mission of defending the life and dignity of every person. This support, I am sure, will be seriously eroded if it wanders off into side issues where there is a difference of opinion amongst its supporters.
Abortion is nothing less than murder and it is achieved by torturing the unborn human baby! If AI promotes that kind of inhuman treatment, I will have no choice but stop supporting Amnesty International and become a severe opponent.
I fervently trust you will not change your present policy regarding abortion and will continue to defend the lives of everyone, including the unborn children.


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