Monday, May 15, 2006


A meme, courtesy of American Girl (funny how many of hers that I could just keep ... except for the motherhood ones).

I AM: happy to be where I am in life right now.

I WANT: chocolate almost every hour of the day.

I WISH: that the plants in my yard would be instantly big and healthy.

I HATE: that I'm addicted to hitting snooze in the morning (EVERY morning)

I MISS: WTS and my WTS friends...and studying and reading and learning. Still learning, just not in the academic environment. (verbatim from a.g.)

I HEAR: a bird chirping outside, loudly.

I WONDER: if I'll ever find a guy with whom I'm excited to spend the rest of my life.

I REGRET: not valuing my college friendships, especially those with other Christians.

I AM NOT: as disciplined as I'd like to be, in many areas.

I DANCE: when a good song comes on my stereo, and when I'm at a dance -- and I'm always surprised at how much fun I have.

I SING: when I hear a song I love, especially some of my worship music, or my new Mighty Wind soundtrack.

I CRY: when I closely encounter how much it hurts to live in a fallen world. This is relatively new for me, but God has dramatically softened my heart in loving other people.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: as disciplined as I'd like to be.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: various things, when the urge strikes. My couch's pillow covers, my landscaping, cards, baking.

I WRITE: in my journal when I'm feeling intense emotions and when I have the time. I'd like to have more opportunities to write formally.

I CONFUSE: people when my brain jumps from topic to topic (I didn't make my username 'Random Mind' for nothing!).

I NEED: God's grace convicting me of pride and his continuing to love me anyway.

I SHOULD: be going home and getting ready for bed.

I START: my Saturday mornings veeery slowly, and love every minute of it.

I FINISH: my evenings reading (or at least, I'd like to). or sometimes with a Su do ku (putting all those numbers into order has a calming effect on me because it's like I can neatly organize one corner of the world -- I just can't do one that's too difficult)

I TAG: friends, foes, countrymen (do I have any foes reading this?)

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