Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Good Book Song

This is from the soundtrack to A Mighty Wind -- amazingly, they wrote all of these songs for the movie, and they were sung by the actors. This song cracks me up (tho it's not exactly in accord with what the Good Book really says).

Oh yeah, yeah yeah
Now God said to Noah, "I don't want no sinnin'"
Oh yeah, yeah yeah
"I've been telling you this since 'In the beginnin'"
Oh yeah, yeah yeah
"You gotta round up your sons and all of their women"
Oh yeah, yeah yeah
"Because you're going on a big boat ride
Now gather all the animals by the pair
Build a big ship about a million square
And put all the animals right in there
And sail away on the tide"

But what if Noah had just said "No sir"
Well we'd all have fins and scaly skins
We'd breathe through gills instead of nostrils
And we'd eat fish food instead of vitamin pills
It's scary but it's true,
So do what the good book,
Do what the good book,
Do what the good book tells you to

(This was only verse 1; you can see verse 2 by clicking here)

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