Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Eight things that make me smile in the morning

I am not a morning person, but here are eight things that make me smile in the morning:

  1. My dog's silky ears when he lays his head next to my face to get me up.
  2. My dog's antics in the morning (sleeping on his back with his legs stretched straight out is one of them; he also hangs off of the edge of the bed and watches me get ready).
  3. When I actually manage to have a good quiet time after I wake up.
  4. A picture of T.L. (smirking) on my desktop at work.
  5. Opening an email addressed to "Chimp and Moolly" (that happened yesterday).
  6. My new french press that makes good, strong coffee and is fun to use.
  7. When someone has a cake or other "sweet" in the kitchen, on which I can breakfast.
  8. Waking up on Saturday and getting to sleep in!


Amanda said...

"Chimp and Moolly"...lol, reading that just made my day. ;)

Hannah said...

Waiting to read about a ninth thing that makes you smile in the morning! Bailey needs another playmate!

Anonymous said...

Miss Baloney Ball, I loved your Anne quotes. I never read your blog (doesn't even occur to me, sadly), but I cruised through it today. Good stuff...oh, and thanks for both the empty card and the full one!