Friday, February 23, 2007

Build More Hills

"Everybody wants to be the king of a hill ... But the number of aspiring kings always dwarfs the number of available hills, so in this country we build more hills."

This is an excerpt from A Slice of Infinity, a daily emailing from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. The quote is actually from a magazine article describing a competition of car stereos, but it struck me as being incredibly profound ... I'd encourage you to go read the whole article here. At the risk of a spoiler (but hopefully to get you to read it), here's the conclusion:

"A self-made man standing on a man-made hill is of no comparison to the God who made the mountains, the one whose very hands are begotten not made. This is the God who will transform us. "

HT: Thanks to Tara B for repeatedly recommending that her readers check out "A Slice of Infinity!"

[PS: I'm not posting the article here in its entirety in order to respect the copyright -- part of my job involves granting permission for people to use PM's copyrighted materials, so I've become particularly sensitive to respecting the copyright notices of others, and RZIM specifically says not to post this on the web :) ]

PPS: tee hee, this is so funny, and I wanted to post it in light of my earlier rant against Yorkies. This is Bailey and Callie "out" for their daily constitutional (Bailey and Callie are Boston Terriers). Video is courtesy of my mom.

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