Monday, February 19, 2007


I know I've posted this picture before, but it's currently my desktop at work and so stinkin' cute it makes me laugh almost every time I see it. This picture was taken on my first half-day of work at PM. I had been living in my house for 3 days and I locked the Migster in his crate for those few hours. His crate is a huge metal thing (from which he can now escape), and I left one of those squishy pillows on top of it. The little stinker must have spent the whole day jumping up and nipping at the pillow, sending showers of tiny styrofoam balls down on himself with each nip. Not only was he covered with them, but so was everything in my bedroom. His eyes and ears were full of white balls, and I spent about an hour de-foaming his fur with the vacuum (horray for training your dog to let you vacuum him!).
Could you be so heartless as to stay angry with a face like this looking back at you?

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Tara Barthel said...

OK. I'm intrigued.

Please. Please. DO TELL.

Any dog? (Goldens?)
Start when their puppies and acclimate them?
How does the vacuum not hurt them?

I'm intrigued. Especially as we consider a puppy to (try to) fill even a sliver of the giant hole in our hearts and lives left after Choza died.

I'm fascinated!
Oh--and DARLING picture!


Thanks, Molly.
-- tkb