Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I've decided that my mom's car has Tourrette's Syndrome. When it's cold (and it's cold right now), the horn honks when you turn right. It's sort of embarrassing and sort of funny. I've been driving it while they're out of town (can you say "heated seats"?!), but the unpredictable horn makes me think I should switch back to my car. I've also contemplated trying to go places by only turning left, but that would make life pretty complicated.

I just finished reading an interesting book review in the New York Times of a book called Infidel. The book is by a Somali woman who, since leaving both the "folk" Islam of her youth and the radical Islam of her 20's, has been an outspoken critic of Islam. She is especially keen to expose and diminish the suffering of women (e.g. genital mutilation, honor killings) resultant from Islamic beliefs. Among other things, the author of Infidel has served as a member of Dutch parliament ... the review is worth a look.

Billings is supposedly getting a Cabela's! Interestingly, the rumors say it would be positioned across from Zoo Montana ... given my experience in other Cabela's, it would probably have 10 times as many dead animals as the Zoo has live ones.

Migo, the amazingly stupid but lovable lab, chewed up a ceramic cookie jar yesterday. It was where his pretzel treats (for going in his crate) were stored; maybe his pea-brain confused the large, extremely crunchy thing for his smaller, also-crunchy treats. So far, there have been no adverse effects from his strange diet.

UPDATE: two more tidbits
I admit it, I read "Dear Abby" after I've finished all of the comics, the word jumble, I'm stuck on the crossword puzzle, and I'm trying to make that warm-fuzzy-comics-feeling linger a little longer. Today's "Dear Abby" had two interesting letters. The first was a heartwarming note from a gramma who took her two grandsons to the movies and was the object of a "random act of kindness." Very sweet -- I always feel good about myself when I let somebody into traffic, so I can imagine that this was rewarding for both ends of the "deal" (incidentally, I also feel good about myself when I DON'T let somebody into traffic, if it's an obnoxious driver who tries to get in out of know the type).

The second letter warrants quotation. How would you respond to this question?
DEAR ABBY: Please help me. My lover and I have been disagreeing lately and
are considering couples counseling. However, he keeps insisting that we see
the marriage counselor he and his wife are currently seeing.
I want to make this relationship work, but I think it's inappropriate to receive
counseling from the same one that they are currently seeing. What do you think?

This is wrong on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin. So I won't.


Hannah said...

Migo, ahhhh Migs. The dog that eats Rocks has now moved up in the world, and is chewing on ceramic.

I laughed out loud for two full minutes at your account of dealing with a Tourrettes syndromed car. Ahh, to have seen that firsthand...and then gone over to enjoy some wine, share more Migo and Callie stories and watch Alias...

I miss you! Happy Red and White and Pink Day. I know you're as big a fan as I am... :D

korean_darkness said...

Funny (regarding the honking)! I'm not sure I could drive a car like that!

Andrea said...

Poor silly Migo. It's amazing what those puppies will do to stress us out, isn't it?
And, oh my, that Dear Abby letter made me laugh out loud.