Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Living Temple

This past Sunday was membership Sunday at church. Every year when this day/celebration rolls around, I'm amazed at what an exciting, significant, and blessed event it is. On Sunday, there were 48 people standing in the front of the church making vows that are every bit as serious as the marriage vows that I witnessed on Saturday afternoon. (And I know of instances in which the former vows have preserved the latter.)

The new members were given the opportunity to tell of God's mighty deeds, especially in the context of bringing them into membership at our church body. There were stories of God's powerful hand of healing (YES! at a PCA church), of God pulling people out of the pit and placing their feet on solid rock, and of finding a sense of belonging, of family.

My faith was strengthened -- I'm so thankful for a tangible testimony to the fulfillment of God's promises (which was the subject of the sermon), and I'm thankful for a church body where God chooses to display his love and his power through a group of sinners.

ASIDE: Here's an excerpt from an interesting article by Michael Crichton, in which he clearly delineates how environmentalism is the religion of choice in our culture. It has nothing to do with a "living temple," but I thought it was a fascinating perspective.

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