Friday, June 22, 2007

Women know your limits!

This video was a rather amusing way for me to start my Friday morning! I loved the part about education ... they don't even mention higher education! HT: Tulip Girl

At the opposite end of the spectrum, here's a thought-provoking article from Carolyn McCulley called "What Kind of Beauty are we Focused On?" It's not soft kittens, but read, think and enjoy.

UPDATE: Have you all seen this video of Paul Potts? Apparently I'm in the minority of people who hadn't heard of him until today. Paul Potts is the winner of Britain's Got Talent. You'll notice Simon Cowell's classic eye-rolling cynicism toward this guy who's going to make a fool of himself. There are articles and videos about him all over the Internet. Like many others, when I watched him, I felt my eyes tearing up at the beauty of his voice ... yes, I was crying at a YouTube video.


Deb said...

Me too. Thanks!

Melodee said...

Thank you for all of these - the "women know your limits" was hilarious, and the Carolyn McCulley article insightful. Paul Potts blew me away! I hadn't heard about him but have now been catching up. I loved the way Simon's jaw just dropped when he started singing...and my eyes filled with tears too. Wow!

Anonymous said...

In God's world, not all great talent makes the headlines but that doesn't mean it's not there! Thanks for posting this.