Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Outta Cow-ntrol!

So, I came home from Ecuador to an office full of cows ... around 650 of them, to be precise. I felt like a minor celebrity all day as people strolled by my office (and brought friends and family to gape in awe, as well) to see all the bovine love that I was receiving.

The pictures don't quite seem to do the spectacle justice, but I'll post a few just to give you an idea.

The sign across my door says, "Welcome home Moooly! We moooved in while you were out!"

They're mooning me!


Addie said...

I LOVE this. I keep laughing and laughing at all the funny positions. Is that a Peacemaker logo I see on these babies? What is the significance? You must be REALLY special to be so, um, blessed.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this, Molly.
And HOORAY (or is it MOOOORAY!) to the PM gals who blessed (?) you in this way!


Tara B.

Carrie Peeples said...

These pictures are great!! I heard about the cows moving into your office while you were gone. That must have been a fun/funny surprise to come home to ;)