Thursday, November 01, 2007

Grace from the Cussing Pastor

This is so good. It's the best critique I've seen of Joel Osteen yet, because of its tone and its cultural relevance.

Before watching this clip of Mark Driscoll, though, read what Adrian Warnock had to say about it:

"Mark Driscoll is not known for being a weak feminist man. In this video he gives us a fantastic example of how to call out the errors of the "health, wealth, and prosperity" movement, and specifically Joel Osteen. He does so with clarity, and is very firm. But he does so with grace.

"I am willing to bet that this is a recent clip from Driscoll, and am very impressed at the way God seems to be working on his heart. He drips humility, graciousness, and yet a passionate love for the truth. What irony that I should find myself pointing to the man who has often been called the 'cussing pastor' as a model of gracious rebuke. I love the look on Driscoll's face when he says, "Just so you know . . . that's not right!" Watch this clip in its entirety—it includes a section of a sermon from Joel Osteen, along with Driscoll's response to it. He then goes on to speak about that culturally irrelevant word 'sin.' "

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