Monday, November 05, 2007

Link this!

Remember the MadTV skit I posted a few weeks ago?

Justin Taylor recently asked David Powlison to comment on it, and he did just that. It's really worth reading -- one of my favorite "Christian activities" is interacting with things that the world puts out there (like Pearls comics), and Powlison does it here brilliantly.

If you enjoyed the skit, please read Powlison's comments.

Here are a few of my favorites, just to whet your appetite:

"The Bible gives a vision for lifelong transformation and mutual aid – as well as for the 5-minute moment of insight, or the 5-week and 5-month seasons of change, or the 5-year unfolding movement of progressive transformation and deepening."

"We simply are not able to “Just say No.” If we happen to say No to one self-destructive behavior, our self-absorption will merely express itself in another, perhaps less obvious, form of self-destruction."

"Don’t ever think that biblical counseling is just CBT dolled up with some Bible verses. And “Stop it!” if you ever treat people that way! Wisdom is a wonderfully different creature. When our Father stops us from doing something wrong, he always starts us walking along a delightfully different path."

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