Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We're for Dogs

What is it about the Westminster Dog Show? I'm glued to the TV watching goofy people and their dogs run in circles (the dog from Harry Potter was just up!).

I feed my dogs Iams (Migo) and Eukaneuba (Callie), but I have to say I love this Pedigree commercial; it has the effect on me that I hear Hallmark commercials have on some.

"If there were an international holiday for dogs, to celebrate their contribution to the quality of life on earth, we'd be for that too."

I think Feb. 14 will be my "International Holiday for Dogs" because a) I'm for dogs, too and b) I finally worked up the nerve to tell some well-meaning but, well, completely rude person who asked if I had a significant other, "Yup - he's big, he's black, he's hairy ... and I had him neutered at 5 months." So I think Feb. 14 is an appropriate day to designate as my IHD.


Hannah said...

In the cynical version of that, I read an online article for singles during valentines day a few years ago. It recommended that one watch the W dog show and name the dogs after ex boyfriends. And then see who wins. :D

Andrea said...

I feel the same way about those pedigree commercials. Especially that little Echo dog in the kennel that keeps looking after the people like, "What? You didn't pick me? But did you SEE this face? I'm so confused..."
Good job on working up your nerve! Next time, you should tell them that you also sleep with that big, hairy, neutered black guy.

Molly said...

Hannah, I think too highly of the dogs in the Westminster Dog Show to name them after ex-boyfriends. Just kidding -- gosh! I work for PM!!!

Andrea, I can't truthfully tell people that because Migo won't sleep with me. I don't try to analyze why because it might give me even more of a complex!

Anonymous said...

Lilikoi turns ONE tomorrow (2/14)! So it's DEFINITELY a "doggy celebration day" in the Barthel home.


Andrea said...

Yeah, mine doesn't either much anymore. He sleeps on his "watchdog" ottoman in front of my big picture window. To make myself feel better about the situation, I convince myself that he loves me too much to not be concerned about my safety. Truthfully, I just think he doesn't want his sister to steal his ottoman...which she would in a second.

melpmoore said...

i love it. i will join you in this re-claiming of feb 14. next year, i'll make you a black heart that says Doggy Celebration Day.