Friday, April 11, 2008

Noise in Restaurants: a big problem

Hey Mom -- this is just for you; figured you'd appreciate it:

UPDATE: oh, and for everyone else, this was really beautiful this morning: Lost and Found, by Andree Seu


Jay Ryan said...

I listened to Ultimate Car Sounds on Youtube this morning. Nothing starting a Friday with the roar of V12s :D

Anonymous said...

This quote is particularly true - not just restaurants but even crowds (like after church or gatherings - even family): The physician, who treats patients with hearing disorders, says many clients don't go to restaurants for fear of embarrassing themselves, because they can't understand what the waiter is saying or have trouble following a table conversation. "It's a big problem."
Thanks for the interesting read just for me (and other hearing impaired people)... SO TRUE
Ultimate Car Sounds would NOT be the way to start my day!
Love you - MOM

Anonymous said...

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