Sunday, April 27, 2008


Just a few random nuggets...

• In Sunday School this morning, Jason had a few great quotes on money –

“There are two ways to get enough. One is to continue to accumulate more and more and the other is to desire less.” - GK Chesterton

“He who has God and everything has no more than he who has God alone.” - CS Lewis

• Rex also shared this nugget of advice as Jason was talking about how we become like our teachers, in this case how children often grow up to be (for better or for worse) like their parents: “If you don’t like your fiancé’s parents, watch out!” Very blunt, but great counsel.

• In our Sunday service, I was blessed to feel a tangible answer to prayer/reward for obedience. NOT that that’s all-important, and not that God had to work in this way, but I was quite frankly not looking forward to our sermon at all. It was part 2 of a series and I was less-than-impressed with part one. No need to go into all the reasons why, but of course a lot of it was the way my heart was responding that was the real problem … but I was eager to find reasons not to go to church this morning. In a way, going to church today became a small act of obedience that went contrary to my normal propensity. And the sermon was so good (incidentally, pretty much what I thought the last sermon should have been like, but there’s self-righteousness creeping in). I came away encouraged in the gospel and pointed toward the cross … what more can you ask? As I said, going to church expecting/demanding that is certainly not the right posture, but I’m thankful that God chose to soften my heart more toward acts of obedience when I’m not feeling them. ☺

• On an entirely different plane, I was woken up from a nap this afternoon by two little girls who rang my doorbell. They were barely old enough to be able to pronounce “entrepreneur,” but they announced that’s precisely what they were, going door-to-door selling puppy chow (you know, chex covered with chox/peanut butter and powdered sugar) for $.50/baggie. I like to encourage kids with entrepreneurial spirit (i.e. I like to be a sucker every now and then), so I bought a baggie (tho after I gave them my $.50, I had to remind them to give me the goods!). And then I ate it. That’s the funny thing about living in Billings – where else in the United States would you buy food from a complete stranger and not worry about eating it!?! Mmmm… Migo wished it were truly puppy chow.

If I’m dead tomorrow, the girls said they came from the blue house in the subdivision just south of mine; you can see it at about 10 o’clock from my front step. :D

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