Monday, April 28, 2008

NYC in movies

I've watched quite a few movies lately that take place in the Big Apple ... I may be particularly cognizant of that because I just returned from NYC, but it seems like it's been more than usual lately. I thought it would be fun to do a couple 1-sentence reviews of the NYC movies I've seen lately:

Little Manhattan: Hilarious, clever, insightful and adorable take on a boy's life in NYC and his first love.
Enchanted: A failed attempt at snarky parody of Disney princess movies.
I am Legend: NYC would be a really scary city if it were overrun with vampire-like mutants ... then again, ANY city would be scary if it were overrun with vampire-like mutants; fortunately, Will Smith is kicking A and not taking names (except of his sweet dog).

Cloverfield: Blair Witch Project meets Godzilla meets Outbreak and JJ Abrams totally pulls it off.

Sleepless in Seattle: The Empire State Building with a big heart on it; need I say more? (okay, so I haven't seen it lately, but it just popped into my mind ... I'm not going to get into ALL the movies I've seen set in NYC, because that would take forever.)

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Anonymous said...

Molly: This may sound odd, but I find I can provide the date as pre or post 9-11 for NYC location movies - by whether the twin towers are in the skyline. I was watching Working Girl awhile ago, and the towers were in the scene where Melanie Griffith(?) was on a ferry. Sharon