Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Yesterday, Jeromy linked to this post by a guy who's talking about how he doesn't feel very spiritual most of the time. I can really identify with that at times, so I appreciated his exploration of how perhaps this sentiment is what Jesus was talking about in his first statement of the Sermon on the Mount: "Blessed are the poor in spirit."
Could Jesus have been talking to people like me, the spiritually dry, when
He was talking about how great the Kingdom is? Maybe Jesus was
saying, "Guess what? When I'm in charge, it's good news even for the
people who aren't all spiritual-y."

And then this morning, I read my daily Andree Seu, where today she's talking about "Strength in Weakness." She's sleep deprived and weak, and she's finding encouragement in God's words to the church at Philadelphia -- a church that is both pleasing to God and weak. Here's the paragraph that "control-k'd" (hyperlinked) this post to the one above:
One good thing I find about extreme physical weakness is that it eliminates
confusion. That is to say, there is no possibility that physical liveliness will
be mistaken for spiritual liveliness. I wonder how often in the past my physical
wellbeing and enthusiasm have masked an enfeebled spiritual state. I can go a
long way in Christian service on the natural endowments of personality and
youth, and not even realize that I have been actually spiritually lazy, though I
have appeared to others to be God’s troubadour.

I can't think of a nifty way to tie this together and close, so I'll just encourage you to take a few minutes and read both posts yourself :)

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